Titanium Tube/Pipe

Titanium Bar/Rod
September 24, 2016
Titanium Pipe Fitting
September 24, 2016

Titanium Tube/Pipe


Heat Exchangers


Water Treatment


Titanium Seamless Tube

Specification and Standard for Titanium Tubes and Its Alloys:

Quality Tests for Titanium and Titanium Alloy Tubes:

Inspections and tests ensure that materials meet international standard specifications including ASME SB338, ASTM B338 or 337 in addition to our customers’ specific requirements. Third party inspections (TUEV, SGS, LR, MOODY, ITS, DNV) and customer inspections are welcomed.

USTi provides the following testing for Ti seamless and welded tubes:

Titanium Welded Tube:

Specification and Standard for Welded Tubes:

Titanium welded tubes are processed from titanium coil and longitudinally welded by TIG process without metal filler so it guarantees the homogeneity of the welded area. Moreover, due to features such as evenness of wall thickness, each tube has the same mechanical properties as the initial coils. More equipment manufacturers prefer titanium welded tubes rather than seamless for their projects.

Chemical Compostition:

Mechanical Properties:

Production Technology:

Heat Treatment includes:

Pressing materials and extrusion from angles followed by cross-roll piercing mills.

Cool treatment includes:

Cold rolled tube, spinning tube, drawn tube

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