Titanium Elliptical Heads/Spherical Heads

Titanium Plates/Sheets
September 24, 2016
New Material – Titanium Tube for Oil Well Stimulation
September 24, 2016

Titanium Elliptical Heads/Spherical Heads


Heat exchangers

Pressure vessels

Power generation


Water treatment,

Chemical processing

Oil exploration

Gas exploration

For Pressure Vessel Equipment:

Process: Cold forming and hot forming
Inspection: 100% ultrasonic testing and PT testing after formation
Fabrication: Fabricated per ASME VIII-I standard

Production Procedure:

  1. Initial production of titanium plates or clad steel plates
  2. Inspection
  3. Cleaning and grinding plate surface
  4. Coat protection & paint
  5. Forming (Hot or cold forming)
  6. Preparation for cutting & grinding
  1. Pickling
  2. UT & PT testing
  3. Surface polishing as requested
  4. Final inspection
  5. Packing

Elliptical Head (DIN 28013)

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