Titanium Cookware

Medical Titanium
September 25, 2016
Titanium Towel Rack
September 25, 2016

Titanium Cookware

  1. Easy to use and lightweight
  2. Cleans easily with no oxidation, no bacterial formation, and contains cultivation with a bacteria free layer.
  3. It’s safe to use and performs well during long term cooking in high temperatures.
  4. Lifetime guarantee

Our TItanium Pot Features

5 Layer Composite Material;
186 Working Procedure.

Technical Demonstration of Composite Material

Heat transferring capability can be increased through heat exchange theory and SPDF technology.

Titanium Towel Rack

Produced according to customer requirements and specifications

Titanium Nail

Titanium Domeless Nail comes with Ti Dabber and Stand

Titanium Bracelet

Produced according to customer requirements and specifications

Advantage :

  • To clean easily
  • To use safely
  • Be firm on interface
  • Technology with TIG welding process
  • Long lifetime.

Titanium material features in cookware

Due to stability of oxidation film, titanium and titanium alloy products can possess high stability during working in moderate and high temperature condition. Due to excellent corrosive resistance, thinner wall thickness structural components made of titanium and titanium alloy can greatly increase heat exchanging efficiency when transferring high thermal density. High corrosive resistance material will form thinner oxidation film and naturally heat transferring coefficient will be increased. Due to stability of oxidation film and no scale formation, surface cleanness can be maintained with less maintenance. Dissociative Ti+2 and TiO2 is healthful to human being and can repair osteoporosis; additionally TiO2 can clean dirties in the intestine. Due to biological harmonization with human being, titanium is the only unharmful and safe metal to human being without biological exclusion.

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